We are all born with the ability to heal!!!

You are your own hero, you are the only one that can save you. Show up and be present for yourself and stay in the now moment with yourself. Activate your energies, vibrations, and frequencies with us. We are here to facilitate you.

Ordinary People

We at 1Uth are a dedicated group of ordinary people offering extraordinary knowledge and support that fuels enhancement in all dimensions of your being- mind, body, and soul.

Our Community

Welcome to the 1Uth Community. Your new community will help facilitate your transformation, as you become more aware of the energy and knowledge that has always been available to you because we are designed with this abundance. Come Romance Life With Us!

Meet Me

I have a profound love for people and life, it overflows. I love sharing what I know and learning from others, it’s a human thing.

Diane Lopez

Founder & CEO

Did you know….. our founder was assaulted, robbed, and shot in 1992 leaving her to recover from too many medical conditions? Even after she was diagnosed with extensive nerve damage, fibromyalgia, sciatica, neuropathy, ruptured disc, and much, much more. Today she is overjoyed she is medication free, holistically healing, and she can’t wait to show you how she did it so you can too.

Next Steps…

Zoom in and Engage, the time is now! Come join us, we offer personalized pricing and custom packages to fit all budgets.